PodgyPanda is Richard Kuoch, an artist, illustrator, animator and graphic designer
from Auckland, New Zealand but based in London.

Utilising his background in animation and graphic design, he follows his motto
“Blink, Smile, Share” by creating characters and illustrations that show his fun
and unique take on life through art.

Over the past three years, he has been busy creating and working on a diverse
array of projects. His projects range from commercial design such as logos and
character creations, through to apparel and laser engraved goods, with up and
coming apparel and vinyl toy projects in the pipeline.

PodgyPanda has also been working hard on a world for his characters to live in,
with various art shows worldwide showcasing custom toys and art pieces depicting
these characters. He has made appearances in various galleries across the United States.
His greatest feat to date is his first solo show, held in Calgary, Canada at the
designer toy store/gallery “Nation toys and tees”.

With up and coming solo exhibitions and group shows, he hopes to expand this
world his characters reside in.